RF-absorber-materialRFMW, Ltd. announces the availability of RF absorber material tuned to customer specific applications. These free samples are electrically tuned (optimized) to absorb unwanted RF emissions between 1 and 40 GHz based on design requirements provided by the user. 

These magnetic “Tuned Frequency” absorbers are intended for specular reflection loss or for customers who experience cavity resonance effects at discrete frequencies. Designers can expect customized samples to ship within 3 to 5 business days. MAST absorber materials are engineered to reduce or eliminate RF and microwave noise associated with electronic circuits by attenuating the electromagnetic waves and converting them to heat.

For additional information on RF absorbers, MAST offers a white paper discussing the proper selection of microwave absorbing and EMI shielding products. Designers interested in obtaining free samples should contact RFMW through their tech@rfmw.com e-mail address or one of their authorized agents.