RFMW Ltd., announces design and sales support for MAST Technologies' line of dual use RF absorber & thermally conductive pad material. Trademarked Suppress-n-Sink, the target application is reducing harmful reflections from heat-sinks and heat-spreaders used on packaged components.

Several large OEMs have adopted the Suppress-n-Sink solution as a thermal conductor and EMI suppressor for on-board microprocessors. New designs often include miniaturization as a design goal forcing the product packaging and heat sinking to be an integral part of the overall system. Higher device densities exacerbate the problem engineers face with removing heat from their designs. Once that problem is solved, RF reflections created by heat sink surfaces can cause performance robbing resonances.

Suppress-n-Sink is a low-cost, flexible solution to both of these problems. Produced in sheets, MAST Suppress-n-Sink material can be die cut to any shape. The materials are formulated for high thermal conductivity as well as EMI/RF attenuation across a broad frequency range. The high thermal conductivity enables designers to mount this material directly on top of a packaged chip for heat transfer while also suppressing electromagnetic energy.

Four MAST products are currently available from RFMW in varying thickness for EMI suppression of resonances up to 4 GHz. All sheet sizes are 11.5 x 8.25 inches.

MS32-0001-00 for 0.8 to 4 GHz applications is 0.020" thick

MS32-0002-00 for 0.5 to 4 GHz applications is 0.040" thick

MS32-0003-00 for 0.2 to 4 GHz applications is 0.060" thick

MS32-0004-00 for 0.05 to 4 GHz applications is 0.080" thick

To learn more about RFMW, visit their Website at www.rfmw.com, or call 877.FOR.RFMW.