SemiGen Inc. (, an ISO and ITAR registered RF/Microwave assembly, automated PCB manufacturing, and RF Supply Center, is announcing its full-service, high-quality, RF/Microwave design and automated assembly services as a viable option for companies looking to reduce assembly cost while keeping their production domestic.

SemiGen provides expertise and experience in the manufacturing of RF, microwave and millimeter-wave circuits and assemblies, with particular expertise in mixed RF/digital assembly—including microcontrollers.

With a focus on smoothing out and speeding up the manufacturing process, SemiGen has recently added a suite of new automated assembly equipment to increase its manufacturing capacity. SemiGen has added a new, fully automatic, epoxy dispense system from Camalot and a new, fully automatic, wire bonder from Westbond, capable of wedge, ball and ribbon bonding. This equipment will be in line with its fully automatic MRSI for eutectic die attach. The company’s highly trained, certified assemblers are experts in advanced manufacturing techniques for the highly specialized RF/Microwave market.

“The selection of the right automated equipment is key in being able to have diversity and capability for RF assemblies,” said Jim Morgan, president of SemiGen. “This new production capability will allow SemiGen to enter the chip-on-board market and address assemblies designed in multi-arrays in thick film, thin film and standard board materials. SemiGen can now source, manufacture, encapsulate, singulate, and automatically test customers’ higher volume designs with ease.”