Anritsu Co. announces its MS2830A Spectrum Analyzer/Signal Analyzer is now compatible with the Monics satellite carrier monitoring system from SAT Corp. (SAT), a subsidiary of Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. A new driver enables the MS2830A, which combines high speed and performance in a cost- and energy-efficient design, to be integrated into the Monics enterprise networked carrier monitoring system used by government agencies, satellite operators, satellite service providers, and telecommunications companies. 

The MS2830A offers best-in-class dynamic range and features a unique calibration technique to ensure excellent level accuracy at the instrument input. The MS2830A can be integrated into the Monics monitoring system to help protect mission critical satellite bandwidth, provide real-time situational awareness for both downlinks and uplinks, and deliver link assurance.

Monics uses the MS2830A to conduct a variety of RF measurements, including EIRP, bandwidth, center frequency and C/N. It can also be used to detect interference based on known carrier plans and saved reference traces.

Monics is SAT’s industry-leading carrier monitoring and RF interference detection system. As the most comprehensive monitoring system, Monics provides monitoring for satellite uplink and downlink performance, automatic carrier monitoring and advanced interference detection and analysis to protect mission critical satellite bandwidth and provide real-time situational awareness. Used by major satellite operators, telecommunications providers and government agencies across the globe, Monics has the scalability and flexibility to provide a fully distributed, autonomous system for monitoring payload traffic and RF interference, including co-channel interference.