Narda Safety Test Solutions has equipped the second generation of its Interference and Direction Analyzer with I/Q analyzer functions. Based on the I/Q data, the device generates high resolution spectrograms, persistence spectrums and time domain displays that were previously only available from high cost laboratory instruments. Radio spectrum interference and impairments can thus be detected and analyzed on the spot.

Unintentional or deliberate RF Interference, illegal transmitters or interference between permitted radio signals can be difficult to detect if it only occurs sporadically or is hidden under conventional signals. Narda Safety Test Solutions has equipped the new IDA 2 with I/Q analysis functions in order to also detect and locate such signals. The instrument records the I/Q data in real time at a maximum channel bandwidth of 32 MHz, and saves up to 250,000 I/Q data pairs without compression, i.e. without loss of data. Based on this data, the IDA 2 computes high resolution spectrograms, persistence spectrums or oscilloscope-like displays versus time.

Computation is done continuously during the measurement or subsequently from the stored data set. Since the underlying data remain unchanged in the device memory, you can alter the display parameters such as the frequency or time resolution afterwards and zoom in on details right down to the original resolution offered by the I/Q data.

The combination of high resolution spectrograms, persistence spectrums (with afterglow effect) and time response displays enables detection, identification and localization of signals that would otherwise remain hidden in a conventional spectrum display. Experts can therefore trace the source or cause of interference directly on site. Transferring the data set to a PC is useful for documentation or subsequent evaluation purposes.

Designed as a hand held unit for field use, the basic unit including battery weighs less than 3 kg. The antenna and handle together weigh less than 1 kg because the power supply is taken from the basic unit. Also, the rechargeable battery can be hot swapped without interrupting operation.