Steatite Q-par Antennas announces the launch of a new 6.5 to 18 GHz Dual Polarized Wideband Feed. The ultra-wide bandwidth feed is suitable for use in the EW and SIGINT market, providing intercept opportunities for a wide range of arbitrarily polarised hostile signals.

The QMS-00404 antenna simultaneously handles signals of two orthogonal polarisations, is compact in size, lightweight and rugged in construction and manufactured from aluminium. Being weather proof, it is suitable for outdoor Land, Sea and Air applications including ELINT, ESM and radar warning receiver (RWR) systems.

“This new Dual Polarised feed works well with a wide range of prime focus and offset reflectors with wide range of focal length to diameter ratios. This feed complements the existing family of Dual Polarised feeds which includes 2 to18 GHz and 18 to 40 GHz covering a very wide bandwidth for our EW and SIGINT customers," said Robert Lowther, Sales and Marketing Manager. “Our dual polarised feeds and wide band antennas continue to meet the growing demands for Q-par’s wide range of antenna products and services in Europe and Asia.”