The fast-paced expansion of laser specialist LPKF Laser & Electronics AG is continuing unabated. With over 750 employees around the world, the company has expanded its management teams at its Fürth (Germany) and Naklo (Slovenia) production locations.

The Slovenian subsidiary – LPKF Laser & Electronics d.o.o. – in Naklo has been contributing to the profitable growth of the Group for years. Its main tasks are the manufacturing and distribution of systems for making PCB prototypes and development of laser sources and LPKF laser systems.

LPKF has acquired the non-controlling interest in the Slovenia subsidiary and now holds 100 percent interest in all subsidiaries. A second Director, Dr. Bostjan Podobnik has been appointed who will continue to be responsible for Technology and Development. He will be supported by Wolfgang Zeike, responsible for the business sector, managing the Sales, Service and Finance departments.

LPKF’s Laser Welding division has been reporting double-digit growth year after year. An increase in production floor space has now been followed by expansion of the management team for laser plastic welding. Armin Schalk joined the division at the beginning of the year, bringing in extensive experience in research and development as well as optimization of production processes, while Frank Brunnecker continues to head Sales and Finance.

Through these reinforcements as well as the building extension planned for the spring to accommodate a new customer centre in Fürth, the course has been set for continued growth in 2014.