AWT Global has launched a new PIM analyzer for TETRA and UHF frequencies: The S1L TETRA MK2 Series.

AWT Global’s new PIM analyzers are designed for measuring TETRA and UHF networks in the 400 MHz frequency range. They come with a wide variety of test modes for different tasks including, field measurement mode, analyzer, multi PIM display, Rx sweep, PIM vs. time and single carrier mode for insertion loss (IL) and coverage measurements. The Distance-to-PIM option is embedded in the system, reconnecting antennas is not required. Lower frequencies have higher wavelengths, demanding larger sized components. Still, AWT’s engineers have managed to embed the complete system, including DTP option, into a compact and convenient single-body enclosure.

“TETRA or TErrestrial Trunked RAdio is used globally by many public safety organizations, such as police, fire departments, border patrol, cost guard and many more. It is mandatory that these networks work perfectly. The issue is here not just about a nuisance with low data transfer or dropped calls. Problematic emergency networks may cause people getting hurt and even lives are at stake”, said Wolfgang Damm, President of AWT Global. He added ”TETRA utilizes sophisticated modulation schemes, increasing data transmission rates, but this makes it unfortunately also more suceptibility to interferences. Furthermore, TETRA channel frequency configuration may cause cross band intermodulation problems. Both issues making PIM testing of networks paramount.”

S1L TETRA MK2 tester provide PIM sensitivity of <-165dBc (<-122dBm) and variable output power of 2x 16 dBm to 44 dBm, with two continuous CW carriers, fully conform to PIM standard IEC62037. Very low noise floor of <-132dBc supports accurate measurements and with a market leading dynamic range of 96dB, the S1L TETRA MK2 masters even the most challenging measurement conditions. The analyzer has a large 10.2” touch screen which is convenient when working in the field. Test results can be stored and reported in different file formats: PDF, BMP screen Shots or as CSV files. The analyzer comes with three USB ports, which can be utilized for entry devices (keyboard, mouse, bar-code scanner), external data storage, or wireless devices.

S1L TETRA MK2 analyzers are available immediately.