AWT Global has launched a new line of low PIM anechoic antenna test chambers: The ATC Series.

AWT Global’s new ATC series low PIM anechoic chambers are designed for measuring antennas from 700 to 6000 MHz. Besides the high shielding coefficient of more than 90 dB, ATC series antenna test chambers generate lowest residual passive intermodulation (PIM). The combination of chamber geometry, specifically designed pyramidal electromagnetic absorbing material and innovative manufacturing techniques result in remarkable characteristics.

“Not only are today’s antennas required to show excellent transmission characteristics, but due to modern modulation technologies, these antennas have to show very low passive intermodulation (PIM) distortion. Standard anechoic test chambers may provide reasonable shielding, but they are often not suited for low PIM antenna measurements”, said Wolfgang Damm, President of AWT Global. He added, “While the ATC chambers are built solid, they can be moved very easily, giving users with their measurement utilizations utmost flexibility.”

ATC series anechoic antenna test chambers offer a shielding of > 90dBm over a frequency range from 700 MHz to 6 GHz, and are PIM rated better than -165dBc @ 2x43 dBm. With a cylinder diameter of 1.8m, the ATC series antenna chambers are available in different lengths to suite different customer requirements. Standard types ACT27, ACT32 and ACT35 come with cylinder lengths of 2.7m, 3.2m and 3.5m. Customized versions are available on request. ATCs can be equipped with one, two, four or six DIN7/16 antenna port bulkheads, allowing to test a vast variety of antennas including multiband and MIMO types.

ATC anechoic chambers are available immediately.