AWT Global has launched a new line of field strength meters with spectrum analyzer capability: The UBA 9290 Series.

The battery operated, handheld analyzers are well suited for wireless field applications but are also a very useful tool in the RF laboratory. UBA 9290 analyzers cover a frequency range from 100 kHz to 2.9 GHz and with a sensitivity of -117dBm, they are capable of evaluating even weak RF signals. A frequency counter with separate input allows to measure frequencies from 9 MHz to 2.1 GHz. The UBA 9290 comes with N connector at the RF input and BNC at the frequency counter input. The built-in attenuator offers 10, 20, 30 and 35 dB settings. AWT Global’s UBA 9290 weighs less than 400 grams (0.9 lbs) and measures 82 x 205 x 36 mm (3.2 x 8.1 x 1.4 inches). The weight and dimensions make it true handheld instrument.  

“When working with wireless systems, it is paramount to have the right tools at hand. Predicting propagation of radio waves is always a challenge, particularly at in-building DAS venues. Furthermore, interferers may significantly disturb signal reception”, said Wolfgang Damm, President of AWT Global. He added, “UBA 9290 is the ideal instrument for technicians and engineers when installing, maintaining and optimizing their wireless networks and RF systems”.

UBA 9290 can store up to 100 traces & measurement settings in the instrument and with 320 x 240 pixel resolution, the TFT color display shows traces in great detail. Dual markers offer readout of absolute amplitude, frequency and delta values. They can be scrolled manually, or set to automatically find and track peaks.

UI software is included with the standard shipment and remote controls the UBA 9290 via USB interface. The analyzer comes also with soft case, power supply, a set of rechargeable batteries, USB Cable, N -TNC adapter and wide-band measurement antenna.

 UBA9290 are available for sales immediately.