X-COM Systems LLC, a subsidiary of Bird Technologies, has released a new application note entitled “Using the IQC5000A and Spectro-X Software for Signal Capture and analysis: A Satcom Example.”

Satellite communications providers charge for the use of their transponders based on how much bandwidth customers use and for how long, and customer equipment must strictly adhere to its required spectral mask so the provider can accurately predict and charge for usage. However, if a signal from an earth station passes through a transponder and accesses a slot at the wrong time, is not authorized, or has spectral regrowth, system performance can be degraded.

As these signals often occur randomly and infrequently, it is difficult to identify or even detect them using a spectrum analyzer, as the instrument’s storage is too limited to capture activity over the required long period of time. The application note shows how X-COM’s IQC5000A spectrum capture and playback system and Spectro-X signal analysis software allow broad swaths of spectrum to be recorded over long periods of time and how Spectro-X software cab search for, identify, and analyze signals within the large files such long-duration capture produces.

Application Note 102: “Using the IQC5000A and Spectro-X Software for Signal Capture and analysis: A Satcom Example,” is available from the X-Com Systems Web site, www.xcomsystems.com.

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