X-COM Systems LLC, a subsidiary of Bird Technologies, introduced its Mobile Measurement Vehicle (MMV), a fully-configured mobile platform that provides a diverse array of capabilities ranging from RF signal capture, storage, playback, and analysis, to spectrum monitoring, emitter direction-finding and geo-location, and on-site or mobile testing of commercial and military wireless communications, radar, and electronic warfare systems.

The MMV is a fully-integrated turnkey system that includes a suite of test equipment and software tailored to customer-specified applications, large high-resolution monitors for viewing multiple analyses, a high-performance workstation, and onboard AC power generation. The MMV provides a comfortable working environment for two operators, a support team, and ample storage space. It is available in multiple platforms including a diesel-powered two- or four-wheel-drive Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, diesel or gasoline powered two-or four-wheel-drive Chevrolet Series 350 cargo van, Nissan NV2500 van in standard or high-roof versions, and other vehicle options.

The MMV can continuously capture RF spectrum with 100% probability of intercept for any signals of more than a few microseconds in duration for hours, days or even weeks.  Emitter direction-finding capabilities can be networked via data links to fixed-site spectrum monitoring systems in real time. The system can provide a permanent record of received RF signals, and geo-locate the source of signals of interest including GPS moving-map overlay capability.

For test range applications, for example, the MMV can record the actual RF environment during exercises including both intentional and unintentional emitters for post-test analysis and anomaly troubleshooting. Unintentional emitters can be rapidly located using Angle of Arrival (AOA), Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA), and Power Difference of Arrival (PDOA) techniques.

Onboard software can combine AOA, TDOA, and PDOA techniques in conjunction with other vehicles or fixed location monitoring receivers. Recorded signals can be recreated and retransmitted at their original or any other frequency with very high dynamic range and signal quality. Other applications include spectrum mapping, interference hunting, and providing detailed on-site analysis of spectrum capture files from operational exercises or surveillance activities.

In sensitive operational environments, the MMV can be configured using an unassuming rooftop luggage carrier in which antennas and other hardware are contained with no external markings. X-COM can also provide a team of measurement experts to work on site with customers to ensure that all activities are performed correctly and to act as an independent third party to certify results.

More information about the MMV is available by contacting Marty Mosier, vice president of business development, at (571)-612-5475 or via e-mail to sales@xcomsystems.com.