Luso Electronics, a UK based supplier of satcom products, engineering components for machinery and power electronic products, has opened a new design and manufacturing facility that will boost the company's delivery of fully integrated turn-key installations and microwave products to meet increasing demand, primarily from customers in commercial and military satellite communications.

While most European microwave product providers simply supply components, Luso has been designing, developing, testing, installing and servicing tailored microwave and high-quality RF systems and component solutions since 2001. The company's new facility in Luton will strengthen its manufacturing capability, improve delivery time and offer greater flexibility to customers with specific design needs. RoHS compliant satcom products manufactured on site including Vsat antennas, switching systems, waveguide assemblies, filters, diplexers, adapters and associated electronic components.

"For over a decade, Luso has designed, supplied, and installed fully compliant and ready to operate switching networks throughout Europe. Our engineering team has the expertise and design tools to quickly deliver projects that meet customer requirements. The new facility will allow us to expand our product range," explained Andy Trusler, Microwave Division Manager at Luso Electronics.

David Zelkha, managing director of Luso Electronics, added: "Our new production facility in Luton means we can now confidently offer a complete one-stop design, production and installation service and a full maintenance programme."

Geoff Smith, Principal Engineer at Arqiva - a key customer of Luso, commented: "I have come to rely on Luso for their expertise in specialist RF component design and manufacture. I have had the pleasure in partnering Luso in developing many new products to satisfy Arqiva's demand to develop new technologies."