L-3 and Lemko Corp.  flew an ultra-light airborne 4G LTE SwarmNetwork for tactical air to ground broadband communications. The X5 aerial demonstration proved that the same high-speed data infrastructure available in fixed mounted or dismounted configurations on the ground can be further supported from the air. Lemko's solution surpasses traditional LTE coverage bubbles by the ODC SwarmNetwork providing an ad-hoc LTE network with roaming, hand-off and survivability between nodes. A single ultra-light Swarming LTE Node provides a bubble of voice, VoLTE, SMS, high-speed data, and video call coverage. Multiple SwarmNetwork Nodes form a canopy of In-Band Mesh Network for larger coverage area or higher capacity.

Lemko's SwarmNetwork enables a unique approach that virtualizes the EPC and IMS platform at each eNodeB. This places the mobility anchor at the wireless mobile broadband network's edge, eliminating the need for data to traverse to a centralized core via tunneling. Lemko Empowers, Unburdens and Protects our War Fighters.

 "The airborne LTE swarming capabilities demonstrated with L-3 certainly show that we are able to quickly deploy mobile broadband in the remotest areas in support of our war fighters or first responders. This will certainly significantly enhance their mission performance capabilities," says Chris White, Executive Vice President Sales, Lemko Corporation.