3G5NAJRenaissance has released a new S-band 2.5 kW peak power drop-in circulator operating from 2.9 to 3.3 GHz. With insertion loss of less than 0.6 dB and with return loss and isolation over 19 dB, the circulator is ideal to duplex an antenna with HPA and a receiver.

This circulator has been customized to withstand 250W of forward and 150 W of reverse power at the same instance without arcing or corona failures.

Product Features

  • High Peak Power (2.5 kW)
  • High Average Power (250 W)
  • Low insertion loss
  • High Isolation


  • Applicable for Radar and Communication systems
  • More coverage
  • Better system performance


  • Frequency…2.9 – 3.3 GHz
  • Insertion loss…0.6 dB
  • Isolation…19 dB
  • VSWR…1.25:1
  • Peak Power…2.5 kW
  • Average Power…250 W
  • Size….75” x .75” x .3”