Agilent Technologies Inc. announced it will demonstrate a wide range of new high-performance, flexible test solutions for designing and testing components for radar systems, antennas and next-generation wireless devices at European Microwave Week (Booth 105) Oct. 6-11 at the Nürnberg Convention Center in Nuremberg, Germany.

Agilent, the10-year Platinum sponsor of the event, will also present a number of workshops, including a hands-on 3-D electromagnetic workshop using EMPro and another on correlating microwave measurements between handheld and benchtop analyzers using FieldFox. Registration is required to attend either workshop.

Agilent and its partners will demonstrate how to:

  • Achieve a complete integrated MMIC and RF module design flow using the latest Advanced Design System release, which extends the design flow to include electro-thermal simulation with a seamless path from IC design flow for packaging and SIP co-design.
  • Bring 3-D to the RF and microwave module design flow with a common database integrated into ADS for 3-D development of RF modules, boards and packaging.
  • Carry precision into the field with FieldFoxRF and microwave handheld analzyers that offer industry-leading ruggedized design, consistent measurements with bench-top instruments and scalability for communication field testing.
  • Characterize material up to 1.1 THz for stealth materials, dielectric substrates, microwave food products and biofuels with accurate measurements of their electromagnetic properties at microwave and millimeter-wave frequencies.
  • Complete linear and nonlinear characterization with the PNA-X network analyzer, Agilent’s most advanced and flexible network analyzer for complete component characterization in a single instrument with a single set of connections.
  • Link design simulation and testingthrough simplified creation and analysis of highly realistic multi-emitter test signals for lab-based testing of radar/EW devices still in development, using Agilent’s SystemVuesoftware and the M8190A AXIe arbitrary waveform generator with a M8192A multi-channel synchronization module and a M9703A AXIe digitizer.
  • Use key building blocks for advanced solutions in microwave and RF such as streaming solutions based on the PXI M9392A VSA and the M8190A AXIe AWG. Other building blocks include theM9099 waveform creator (an open and expandable environment with superior connectivity to design and modelling software for complex signal creation), and a new PCIe digitizer with FPGA development kit, multiple PXI microwave switches, attenuator and other PXI components. 
  • Prepare for the evolution of modular RF test solutions using the Agilent M9391A PXI vector signal analyzer as the next logical step in RF signal analysis. With raw hardware speed and X-Series measurement applications leveraged from Agilent’s bench-top signal analyzers, the M9391A delivers fast and proven measurements, ensuring excellent correlation between results from R&D and manufacturing. The common programming interface enables designers to reuse code so they can develop new tests more quickly.
  • Address the challenges of testing wireless devicesthat incorporate leading-edge technologies such as LTE-Advanced and 802.11ac. Agilent’s real-time MXA X-Series signal analyzer helps designers see, capture and understand agile signals in bandwidths up to 160 MHz. The analyzer is designed for use with the X-Series LTE one-button measurement application for manufacturing and design validation, the N9083A multi-standard radio application for base-station testing, and 89600 VSA software for deep troubleshooting.
  • Perform wideband signal generation and analysisto see how a device behaves in an environment crowded with signals from a variety of sources. This is done by generating multi-emitter signals using a wideband arbitrary waveform generator and Signal Studio software for pulse building. Users can then analyze these wideband intermittent signals with the PXA with real-time spectrum analysis or the Infiniium 90000 Q-Series real-time oscilloscopes and 89600 VSA software.
  • Generate and analyze complex millimeter wavesup to 1 THz with the PSG vector signal generator, PXA signal analyzer and extender modules from solution partner VDI. The 32- or 44 GHz EXA signal analyzer also supports smart mixers to 110 GHz for cost-effective millimeter wave analysis.
  • Test ultra-low passive inter-modulation (PIM) for base-station design and manufacturing with high-performance electro-mechanical switches (N181x, 87222, 87104/6). The switches are designed to combine unmatched configuration flexibility with exceptional repeatability and 3 million cycles of operating life to ensure signal integrity, improve testing efficiency and ultimately maximize test throughput.

As a leader in the test equipment industry, Agilent accelerates next-generation technologies with the broadest range of design and measurement solutions and most extensive technical expertise and experience. Agilent solutions offer the highest measurement integrity while offering customers a choice of bench-top or modular solutions using Agilent design and test software, providing greater insight and lowering test times.

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