PCB prototyping specialist LPKF Laser & Electronics has announced an interactive website feature that helps those interested in in-house PCB prototyping learn which equipment would best fit their electrical engineering applications.

The feature, known simply as the LPKF System Recommender, uses a five question applications survey to help users determine which of the 8 LPKF printed circuit board prototyping systems most closely matches their applications.

After completing the survey, users will instantly receive a system recommendation based on their responses. Question topics include minimum circuit trace requirements, application materials, and application size.

"The survey takes approximately 2 minutes to complete," said project lead Shane Stafford.

“We offer eight in-house PCB prototyping systems which have a range of specifications and features based upon technical need. This fun, quick survey helps those new to LPKF know where they should direct their attention first.” Stafford added that if users so desire, they can have an LPKF system specialist follow up with them about their results, but that this feature is “totally optional.”

To explore the LPKF System Recommender, visit http://www.lpkfusa.com/systemrecommender/.