Attendees of the 2013 International Microwave Symposium (IEEE MTT-S) Exhibition will have the opportunity to see printed circuit boards made live and in-person by visiting LPKF Laser & Electronics in booth 2215. The in-house rapid PCB prototyping specialist has announced that they will be demonstrating two PCB prototyping systems at the exhibition, which takes place at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Wash., June 4-6.

LPKF will demonstrate the rapid prototyping capabilities of two of its most popular PCB prototyping systems, the ProtoMat S63 and the ProtoLaser U3.

The ProtoMat S63 is a milling system that mechanically removes unwanted surface material from circuit board substrates, leaving only the desired circuit traces behind. Capable of producing multiple design iterations in a single day, the ProtoMat S63 is LPKF’s best-selling PCB prototyping system and boasts features such as automatic tool change and fiducial recognition for automatic alignment.

The ProtoLaser U3 is a UV laser system that creates circuitry by selectively ablating surface material from circuit board substrates. Its speed allows for the creation of complex RF and microwave PCBs in mere minutes, while its non-contact, stress-free nature enables it to work with even the most delicate of PC board materials, including fired ceramics.

 LPKF will demonstrate both systems throughout the three day exhibition and encourages anyone who wants to learn more in-house PCB prototyping to come see the systems in action in booth 2215 at the MTT-S exhibition.