Times Microwave Systems has added two new 6 port entrance panels to its offering of the Times-Protect Smart-Panel, series, the most revolutionary concept in shelter and base station entrance panels to ever come along. Intelligently designed to eliminate traditional entrance panel shortcomings and vastly improve the protection of expensive base station equipment, the Smart-Panel® is truly a product for 21st century needs.

The Smart-Panel® provides for highly desirable single point grounding while eliminating the expense and potential incorrect installation of external grounding kits. The Smart-Panel® design provides for bulkhead mounting of the surge protectors directly on the panel for superior surge performance. Also eliminated are the traditional internal lightning protector “trapeze” as well as the external copper master ground bar so there’s nothing to steal outside the shelter.

The Smart-Panel®is completely weatherized, accommodates any shelter wall thickness and is supplied with all the necessary installation hardware including an inside copper master ground bar and low inductance ground plate. The 6 port panels are especially suited for applications requiring fewer feeder cables such as public safety, SMU, 2-way land mobile radio, energy (oil & gas), utilities, SCADA, etc.

Constructed of powder-coated heavy duty aluminum, the Smart-Panel® is available in the following configurations:

Times-Protect Smart-Panel™Series:

Item                 Configuration                          List Price

LP-SP-06N     6 port N hole                           $1,190.00

LP-SP-12N     12 port N hole                         $1,490.00

LP-SP-24N     24 port N hole                         $1,980.00

LP-SP-06D     6 port 716 DIN hole                 $1,190.00

LP-SP-12D     12 port 716 DIN hole               $1,490.00

LP-SP-24D     24 port 716 DIN hole               $1,980.00

Custom designs are also available and all designs can also accommodate EWG, Cat 5 data, DC or Fiber entry ports.