Auriga Microwave and Focus Microwaves, RF microwave industry market leaders, integrated their showcase systems, Auriga's AU4850 Pulsed IV/RF Characterization System and Focus' Harmonic Load-pull System to provide users unmatched measurement capabilities. Responding to market demands, Auriga and Focus have developed a software bridge to provide users harmonic pulsed load-pull measurement capability. The software will be offered by both companies through their respective sales channels.

"Our customer base has been asking for harmonic pulsed load-pull measurements for years," said Ted Lewis, vice president of Auriga. Lewis continued, "Now, with our collaboration with Focus, we can meet their need. Focus is world renowned for having the best load-pull technology, and of course we believe we have the best pulsed IV/RF capabilities, especially with our new AU4850. So I know the integrated solution is going to delight our customers."

Zacharia Ouardirhi, general manager of Focus, said, "Working with Auriga to provide harmonic pulsed load-pull capabilities will give our customers more flexibility when they need to create models and high-voltage measurements. Focus has always known that harmonic measurements are key to meeting RF microwave device designers' needs. That is why Focus has pushed the technology in this area. The integration to Auriga's pulsed IV systems will allow us to push our abilities even further."

Learn about Harmonic Pulsed Load-pull at IMS-MTT 2013 in Seattle, WA, on June 4-6. Auriga's booth, number 1032 and Focus' booth, number 824.