Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), the global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist, announced plans to release a new omnidirectional antenna specifically designed for broadband in-building distribution of modern wireless communication systems such as LTE, GSM, CDMA, PCS, 3G, WiFi, WLAN services in Q2 to the North American market. The addition of this new PIM-certified Omni antenna, I-ATO2-698/2700JPL, for 698-2700 MHz  rounds out RFS’ portfolio of products for indoor applications - which also includes  plenum-rated cables, connectors, tools and jumpers – enabling RFS to provide all components required to support indoor passive DAS installations.

Ideal for easy ceiling mounting, RFS’ LTE-ready Omni antenna is constructed from lightweight materials and features a low profile, off-white radome blending easily into most building aesthetics with minimal impact.  The antenna ensures the highest performance for in-building passive DAS applications avoiding passive intermodulation due to its optimized design which includes a plenum-rated, helically corrugated low-loss pigtail cable with copper outer conductor and factory attached N female connector.  

Passive Intermodulation (PIM) - the unwanted mixing of multiple signals in non-linear junctions within a system resulting in undesirable harmonic signals - is a leading cause of quality and performance problems at communications sites.  As wireless broadband and 4G networks and other users increasingly converge at higher data rates with higher spectral bandwidth requirements it is becoming a necessity to reduce PIM at radio sites. Wireless carriers now typically require PIM testing and certification of all new sites in an effort to increase call quality and reduce data loss.

“PIM has become a significant performance challenge for wireless carriers in recent years, particularly given the increasing number of LTE deployments in North America,” said Matt Grella, area product manager, wireless indoor solutions and transmission lines, RFS. “RFS prides itself on being a single source to provide complete passive DAS solutions. The addition of a PIM-rated antenna to our portfolio further validates the quality of the construction of our products and enables the various components of our solution to work more effectively in tandem to meet our customers’ needs for indoor wireless applications.”

RFS now provides all of the components necessary to deliver outstanding performance and support all indoor wireless applications with a complete end-to-end passive in-building solution.