Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), the global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist, announced its new ICA12-50JPLW white plenum-rated coaxial cable, the latest addition to its popular ClearFill®Line of plenum-rated wideband cables for in-building applications. Additionally, RFS has announced the availability of plenum-rated factory-fit jumpers which will provide a time-saving, cost effective, and high-performance solution addressing the need for short runs of coaxial cable.

RFS has already deployed more than five million feet nationwide of its plenum-rated coaxial cable product. RFS plenum-rated wideband cables, tested up to 6 GHz, deliver outstanding electrical performance and support all wireless in-building applications. These air-dielectric coaxial cables meet the most stringent plenum cable standards, CMP, ETL listed to UL444, and also comply with Canadian CSA C.22.2/FT6 standard, with low-flame-spread and low-smoke characteristics. With this combination of features, RFS plenum-rated cables are ideal for use within the ceiling area defined as the “environmental air handling space,” as well as for more traditional plenum applications.

ICA12-50JPLW is a1/2" plenum-rated low loss air dielectric cable ideal for a range of indoor applications including feedlines for plenum-space installations within occupied structures. It supports multiple RF signals and the solid outer conductor of the ClearFill®Line coaxial cable creates a continuous RFI/EMI shield that minimizes system interference. ICA12-50JPLW provides proven intermodulation performance, with RFS’ manufacturing process incorporating a multi-step cleaning procedure which removes impurities, virtually eliminating intermods.

Additionally, RFS’ new plenum-rated factory-fit jumpers for in-building applications address the trend towards using pre-terminated jumper assemblies for in-building applications instead of field-terminating raw cable. In-building jumpers –available in 6ft, 9ft, and 12ft sizes -offer short runs of coaxial cable to be used to connect indoor antennas to power splitters or combiners to directional couplers, for example. As a result, when used in conjunction with RFS’ ICA12-50JPL and ICA12-50JPLWplenum-rated cables or third party systems, the jumpers will provide a time-saving, cost effective, and high-performance solution.

Jumper features and benefits include:

  • Factory-fit, soldered on connectors
    • Guarantees the highest PIM and VSWR performance
    • 100% PIM / VSWR testing and serialization provides peace of mind
  • Fast Deployment
    • Pre-terminated assemblies save installers time, reduce human error, and increase performance, ultimately resulting  in cost savings
  • Plenum-rated, low flame spread, low smoke jacket
    • Complies with highest in-building plenum standards, CMP, ETL listed to UL444
  • Continuous Star-Dielectric Spline
    • Provides uniform support
    • Minimizes electrical / mechanical problems in tight bending

“There is a tremendous market for products that effectively and efficiently support passive DAS operations for in-building applications,” said Matt Grella, area product manager – wireless indoor solutions, RFS. “Given the popularity to date of our ClearFill®Line of plenum-rated wideband cables, we felt it was time to make additional offerings available in this market. We feel that the combination of our cables and new jumpers will enable higher performance applications.”

RFS plenum-rated cables are tested in accordance with the U.S. National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) testing method 262, ensuring they meet the most stringent flame-retardant and smoke-suppressant requirements. RFS wideband 1/2-inch plenum cable offers the best VSWR performance in the industry. Due to their low attenuation, outstanding heat transfer properties, and temperature-stabilized dielectric materials, they offer a safe, long-term operating life at high-transmit power levels. The new offerings add to RFS’ complete end-to-end passivesolutionincluding ICA12 plenum cable, plenum-rated factory-fit jumpers,connectors, tools, antennas, power splitters, dividers and combiners.