As the ability to provide consistent wireless coverage and capacity to support uninterrupted wireless services indoors is critical for operators, Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), the global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist, is continuing to enhance its portfolio of products to support wireless in-building solutions. As part of this ongoing focus to enable operators to seamlessly bring the network inside the buildings where service is demanded, RFS announced the release of its I-ATO3-698/2700 Series of plenum-rated, PIM-certified omni-directional antennas. The RFS portfolio of omni-directional antennas is designed for broadband in-building distribution of modern wireless communication systems such as LTE, GSM, CDMA, PCS, 3G, WiFi, WLAN services.

The I-ATO3 series is LTE-ready and ensures the highest performance for in-building passive DAS applications. It has an optimized design to avoid passive intermodulation due to its plenum-rated, helically corrugated low-loss pigtail cable with copper outer conductor and factory attached N female connector. Added benefits specific to the I-ATO3 series include an improved Passive Intermodulation (PIM) rating (150 dBc @ 2x20W), and the virtually non-existent upper side lobe reduces interference with cells on other floors, delivering better patterns and superior gain and directivity. I-ATO3 antennas are 100% PIM and VSWR tested, with test data included with every antenna.

“PIM and aesthetics are two of the major issues on our customers’ minds when they choose an antenna for in-building applications; with the I-ATO3 series, we’re able to better meet their needs in both areas,” said Matt Grella, area product manager, wireless indoor solutions and transmission lines, RFS. “The I-ATO3 boasts our lowest PIM rating to date and also has a very minimal visual impact at the installation site.It has become a necessity to reduce PIM at radio sites to improve performance for carriers as wireless broadband and 4G networks and other users increasingly converge at higher data rates with higher spectral bandwidth requirements.”

The I-ATO3 is available in a recess mountable version to improve in-building aesthetics and, with an optional bracket, the entire antenna can be completely hidden behind non-metallic ceiling tile. Additionally,the recessed version is UL2043- rated and compliant with Europe’s CE standard – meeting even the most stringent building codes.

Made in the USA, RFS’ portfolio of products for indoor applications also includes plenum-rated cables, connectors, tools and jumpers – enabling RFS to provide all components required to support indoor complete end-to-end passive DAS installations.RFS customers can expect to see continued evolution of RFS’ indoor applications offerings in 2014.