JTI_2450BP15Q0100[1]RFMW Ltd. announces design and sales support for Johanson Technology’s (JTI) newly introduced 2.4 GHz, high-rejection bandpass filter (BPF) with land grid array (LGA)-type terminations. This brand new BPF has the highest close-to-passband rejection with the smallest footprint ever made by JTI. With a 3 dB bandwidth of 100 MHz centered at 2.45 GHz, minimum attenuation of the 2450BP15Q0100 at 2170 MHz is 30 dB, yet maximum passband insertion loss is 1.8 dB at 25°C. The 0805 packageincorporatesan LGA termination for reduced real-estate usageand can handle up to 2 W. The JTI 2450BP15Q0100 is targeted towards low cost WiFi applications where the reduction of unwanted signals is required.

This 2.45 GHz BPF is in full production and has no minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements. Samples and evaluation boards are availableupon request through RFMW Ltd.

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