Agilent Technologies Inc. announced expanded capabilities for the N934x C family of rugged handheld spectrum analyzers. The additional features give the HSA enhanced versatility for in-field applications like instrument remote control and peak power measurement of pulsed signals.

“The latest additions to our field-proven handheld spectrum analyzers will accelerate the analysis of RF and microwave in outdoor environments,” said Brian LeMay, general manager of Agilent’s Chengdu Instruments Division. “By expanding the capabilities of our already robust HSAs, these new updates illustrate Agilent’s commitment in helping our customers achieve their goals while addressing evolving industry needs.”

New standard features for the 20-GHz N9344C, 13.6-GHz N9343C, and 7-GHz N9342C handheld spectrum analyzers include:

  • SCPI through socket and telnet connection
  • RRC filter for measuring LTE/W-CDMA channel power and adjacent channel power ratio
  • Keypad lock/unlock with password
  • Channel standards for LTE, WiFi and WiMAX™

Optional features include:

  • Peak and average power sensor support
  • New security measures
  • Baseband input (exclusive to the N9342C)

These enhancements augment the existing capabilities of the N934xC HSAs, which include:

  • MIL PRF 28800F Class 2-compliance
  • No fans or vents to prevent the ingress of elements
  • Field-friendly one-button measurement
  • A clear-view screen and backlit keys for use in any lighting condition
  • Lighter weight (just 3.6 kg, or7.9 lbs, including the maximum four-hour field-replaceable battery)
  • Security erase option to protect confidential data with a low-level, non-recoverable reformat of the entire memory chip
  • Task Planner, an Agilent-exclusive option, to compile multiple measurement setups into a single task plan, reducing field test setup by 95 percent and automating data capture for consistency
  • Best-in-class accuracy, reliability and performance of RF benchtop spectrum analyzers

U.S. Pricing, Availability and Additional Information

The Agilent N934xC HSAs start at $11,440.

The Agilent N934xC family (the 20-GHz N9344C, 13.6-GHz N9443C, and 7-GHz N9342C) will be available through Agilent sales representatives and Agilent authorized distributorsbeginning Nov. 15.

Additional information about Agilent’s N934xC HSAs, including the new standard and optional features, is available at