Agilent Technologies Inc. announced that EMPro 2012 will be demonstrated at European Microwave Week (Booth 114), Oct. 29-Nov. 1, RAI, Amsterdam.

EMPro 2012 makes it easier for designers to create 3-D models and analyze the electrical performance of packages, connectors, antennas, and other RF and high-speed components. During European Microwave Week, attendees will get a closer look at the software, while also having the opportunity to check out Agilent’s newest microwave, millimeter-wave, wireless, radar, and antenna test and measurement solutions for the telecommunications, transportation and medical markets. To complement these demonstrations, Agilent will also host a comprehensive series of workshops and technical programs.

EMPro 2012 features unparalleled integration with Agilent’s Advanced Design System software, as well as several simulator enhancements to improve performance and accelerate product development. The increased level of integration with ADS is based on a shared database approach. Three-dimensional objects in EMPro can now be saved as ADS design database “cells” for use directly in ADS. As an example, a 3-D SMA connector cell created in EMPro now has “cell views” that can be placed either directly in an ADS schematic for circuit/electromagnetic cosimulation, or in an ADS layout (for an RF printed circuit board, for example) for full 3-D EM simulations in ADS.

EMPro 2012 also includes several advances in EM simulation technology. A new low-frequency analysis algorithm improves accuracy below 100 MHz, including at DC, in finite element method simulations. Traditional FEM solvers have had difficulty producing accurate, stable results at DC and low frequencies, which is required in subsequent circuit simulations, even for higher frequency applications. Additionally, EMPro’s FEM meshing technology has been enhanced for increased speed (typically 50 percent faster) and robustness.

Agilent invites customers to join the EMPro 2012 beta program. Currently supported Agilent customers interested in the new EMPro 2012 technologies, applications and capabilities should contact their local applications engineer or field sales person for more information.


The EMPro 2012 release will be available for download in November. Interested parties can evaluate the software by applying for a trial version at Application examples covering a wide range of topics, including packaging, antennas, RF PCBs, RF modules, connectors and radar applications can be downloaded at

More information on EMPro 2012 is available at An image of the new software release is available at Visit the Agilent YouTube network at to see latest products and applications videos in electronic design and measurement.