Infineon Technologies AG has introduced its first single-chip radar solutions for applications in industrial and commercial sensing. Based on a SiGe process technology and operating in the 24 GHz ISM band (24.0 – 24.25 GHz), the new product family claims to feature the highest integration radar system-on-chip transceivers in the market and a companion receive only chip, which collectively provide system designers with the flexibility to achieve cost and performance targets in a diverse range of applications.

The three devices in the new family are the BGT24MTR11 (single transmit and single receive channel), BGT24MTR12 (single transmit and two receive channels) and BGTMR2 (twin receiver). Moving from one single receiver to two or more receive channels allows implementation of systems that detect objects more precisely and at wider angles.

The range of potential motion sensing applications for the new device family includes level monitoring in storage tanks (solids and liquids), lighting control, security systems, intelligent door openers and collision avoidance on industrial vehicles.

The single-chip solution in an industry standard QFN style package reduces the required board area by up to 30 percent compared to discrete solutions in the market. The BGTMTRxx family simplifies designs and improves time to market by superseding external component matching and space consuming RF transmission lines. The resulting compact design, system flexibility and cost effectiveness of the solution make the BGT24MTRxx family useful for improving performance in existing applications and replacing alternative technologies.

The 3.3 V BGT24MTR11 has a detection range up to 160 m at 500 mW power consumption and is accurate within millimetre range for near-field sensing applications. With standard VQFN package, no specialized equipment or processes are needed for production assembly and test of radar systems based on the BGT24MTRxx family.