CRFS, a leading producer of wideband receiver systems for real-time spectrum monitoring, surveillance and interference management, introduced its new 18 GHz Block Down Converter (BDC) at IMS in Montreal. The new unit is designed and built to the same exacting standards and connects with the RFeye to provide seamless monitoring of the RF environment from 10 MHz to 18 GHz. The BDC is controlled by the RFeye and can share the same power supply, simplifying installation and reducing requirement for additional cable runs. For simplicity, it uses the same form factor and mounting options as the RFeye.

CRFS VP, North America, Malcolm Levy commented: “The BDC opens up a whole range of interesting new applications for customers who wish to monitor higher frequencies as well as lower, particularly in the military and non-civilian sectors. The BDC provides a simple and seamless extension of the RFeye making it suitable both for new installations and retrofit. A key advantage is the ability to mount the unit right next to the 18GHz antennas, so alleviating the problem of high cable losses at these frequencies. The architecture of the BDC has been designed to ensure that the exceptional RF performance and speed of the RFeye is maintained. This, together with the small form factor, low power, low weight and ease of deployment, make for a winning combination. I am also excited that we are currently working on a program for a 50GHz BDC based on the same technology and this should be available by the end of the year. “