Visit AWR at the Booth #1514 to see Analyst™ - 3D EM technology for bumps, bond wires, tapered vias and more - and the latest release of Microwave Office™, Visual System Simulator™, AXIEM® and Analog Office® for MMIC, RFIC, RF PCB and module design.

AWR Software Demonstrations

Analyst 2012 Debut:

  • 3D FEM EM for bond wires, bumps, balls, ribbons, tapered vias, dielectric bricks and more

AWR 2011 product portfolio including recent additions of:

  • VSS and LabVIEW co-simulation for signal processing, hardware in the loop, and communications standards like LTE and 802.11ac
  • VSS's Radar Library, Frequency Planner and more
  • Microwave Office/AXIEM and CapeSym for electrical-thermal MMIC co-simulation
  • Microwave Office/AXIEM for PCB verification via ODB++
  • AXIEM's 3D antenna plots

AWR/National Instruments (NI) and Partners MicroApps Schedule

AWR will also present and/or co-present at 13 MicroApps talks this year. Check out the list below and then find your way to the MicroApps Theater at the correct time/date to learn more about any/all of these talks. You may also download a PDF copy of the agenda.

Tuesday, 19 June - 12:50 pm Fully Integrating 3D Electromagnetic (EM) Simulation into Circuit Simulation
Wednesday, 20 June - 9:05 am RF Link Prediction - A New and Novel Approach
Wednesday, 20 June - 10:50 am Linking RF Design thru to Test
Wednesday, 20 June - 12:05 pm Panel Session: Device Characterization Methods and Advanced RF/Microwave Design.
Wednesday, 20 June - 3:20 pm RF System Design - Moving Beyond a Linear Datasheet
Wednesday, 20 June - 3:35 pm Improve Microwave Circuit Design Flow Through Passive Model Yield and Sensitivity Analysis
Wednesday, 20 June - 4:35 pm Electrical/Thermal Coupled Solutions for Flip Chip Designs
Wednesday, 20 June - 4:50 pm System Simulation Featuring Signal Processing Blocks
Thursday, 21 June - 11:20 am Optimizing the Design and Verification of 4G RF Power Amplifiers
Thursday, 21 June - 11:35 am Simulating an NXP Doherty Power Amplifier with Digital Pre-Distortion
Thursday, 21 June - 12:50 pm Practical Electromagnetic Modeling of Parallel Plate Capacitors at High Frequency
Thursday, 21 June - 1:20 pm Use of FPGAs for Faster Test Times and Repeatability on Cellular Measurements
Thursday, 21 June - 1:50 pm Mind Your Reference Plane

Petite Fête d'AWR 2012 - 8th Annual AWR Customer Appreciation Party!

Vite, vite! Don’t miss out on AWR’s 8th Annual Customer Appreciation Party - Petite Fête d'AWR 2012 – Wednesday night during IMS.

Release the party animal within you as you play Xbox Kinect games, foosball, pool and enjoy cold drinks and hot snacks.

Seats are limited so register today!

Date: Wednesday, June 20th, 2012
Time: 7 pm to Midnight
Location: Pub St. Paul (old town)
Sponsors: National Instruments and MicroWaves & RF Magazine

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