Agilent Technologies Inc. will demonstrate its high-performance test and measurement solutions at the CTIA Wireless show, May 8-10, at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center (Booth 3935) in New Orleans. The company’s new solutions provide greater insight into devices being designed and tested, accelerating the development of the latest wireless technologies, including LTE, LTE-Advanced, GNSS, DC-HSDPA, 802.11ac WLAN and femtocells.

Testing mobile devices, diagnosing infrastructure and optimizing networks are critical to the success of wireless developers, manufacturers and network operators. Agilent’s solutions, designed to test to the latest standards, give engineers greater insight to solve the test challenges they face in R&D, manufacturing, installation and maintenance.

Agilent’s lead technologist specializing in LTE, Moray Rumney, will be among the speakers in the panel discussion “MIMO OTA Measurements – The Next-Generation Platform for Wireless Testing,” May 10 from noon to 2 p.m. in Room 342 of the convention center.

Agilent will demonstrate the following test and measurement solutions at the show:

The Agilent E6621A PXT: This wireless communications test set provides real-time LTE network and base station emulation for easy-to-use, real-world integration, validation and application tests. The PXT offers automated InterRAT, battery drain, mobility, data throughput, and parametric testing of devices for operator acceptance and device development. The PXT is the test set for all phases of device development.

The Agilent E5515E: The new hardware platform for the 8960 wireless communications test setprovides high data rates, multiple signaling and RF paths, and increased headroom to support today’s cutting-edge 3.5G technologies, such as 42-Mbps DC-HSDPA and MIMO. When coupled with the E6621A PXT wireless communications test set, it provides powerful 2G-, 3G-, and 3.5G-LTE handover test capability, seamlessly supporting the 4G evolution.

Agilent signal generators: Agilent’s line-up of RF signal generators brings enhancements to cellular and wireless physical-layer test solutions. Agilent’s RF vector signal generators enable the creation of real-time signals for testing LTE and GNSS, as well as waveform playback for testing cellular and wireless standards such as 802.11ac WLAN and LTE-Advanced.

The Agilent E6607A EXT: This wireless communications test set offers fast test speed and low capital investment for manufacturers testing multiformat LTE/4G/3G/2G devices. The test set combines fast measurements and flexible sequencer techniques to work in synch with chipset test modes, accelerating calibration and verification of the latest smartphones and other wireless devices.

Agilent’s portable analyzers: Ideal for field testing, they include 7-GHz, 13.6-GHz and 20-GHz handheld spectrum analyzers, and 4-GHz and 6-GHz FieldFox RF analyzers, which offer multiple capabilities, including cable and antenna analysis, spectrum analysis and vector network analysis with QuickCal.

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