Agilent Technologies Inc. announced the industry’s most advanced PC-based oscilloscope analysis software. The N8900A InfiniiView application allows engineers to view and analyze previously captured signals from oscilloscopes made by Agilent and other vendors.

The need to have a target system and an oscilloscope available simultaneously can cause debugging and testing bottlenecks. InfiniiView alleviates the bottleneck by allowing engineers to view, analyze, share and document their results at a different time or place from where tests are performed.

To enable engineers to create usable documentation faster, InfiniiView incorporates bookmarks and smart markers – documentation features not previously found in oscilloscope user interfaces. Because the application runs on a PC, users can more easily share information with design partners, vendors and customers using thumb drives, email or Web conferencing.

“We’ve worked with several customers to define the right feature set to make InfiniiView valuable to a large number of oscilloscope users,” said Jay Alexander, vice president and general manager of Agilent’s Oscilloscope Products Division. “We’re excited to offer this type of innovative application to complement our ever-increasing scope hardware capability.”

InfiniiView delivers a number of industry firsts:

  • First application to migrate full-featured real-time oscilloscope user interface to PC for rapid navigation and powerful viewing/analysis.
  • First application to offer up to 1680 x 1200 display resolution for better waveform viewing with large monitors. (This is more than 50 percent more display resolution that the industry norm of 1024 x 768 pixels for oscilloscope displays.)
  • First application to offer separate dockable windows for time, frequency and protocol measurements for user-customizable views.
  • First application to offer transportable and server-based licensing to facilitate sharing. (Not only can users share data, but they also can lend application licenses.)
  • First application to offer smart markers that dynamically update delta values coupled with annotated axis values for faster debugging.
  • First PC-based application to support protocol decode for I2C; SPI; RS-232; RS-422; RS-485; UART; JTAG; CAN; LIN; FlexRay; USB; PCIe® gen 1, 2 and 3; MIPI D-Phy; dig RF; 8B/10B; and 64B/66B Ethernet for faster debugging of designs that include serial buses.

Additional information on Agilent’s InfiniiView application, including a free 14-day trial license, can be found at Images are available at Information on Agilent’s oscilloscope portfolio is available at

U.S. Pricing and Availability

Agilent N8900A InfiniiView oscilloscope analysis application is priced at $750 for the base software, and Agilent offers a variety of upgrades. The application is available now.

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