ASC Signal Corp. has been awarded a $1M contract for the first three phases to build up to 100 3.7 meter, X-Band antenna systems to support global government communications. These fixed, tracking antennas will communicate with the U.S. Department of Defense’s Wideband Global Satcom (WGS) constellation in the X-Band frequency.

The WGS high-capacity satellite system is deployed across the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Ocean regions and supports many military and government platforms. The antenna systems, including ASC’s Next Generation Controller (NGC) antenna controller, are in the process of certification by Defense Information Systems Agency for operation with the WGS satellites.

ASC has shipped more than 3,000 of these high-performance, 3.7 m antennas for critical commercial and defense applications around the world. For users, this antenna system provides simplicity and flexibility. The two-piece reflector design and pedestal mount enable rapid installation, while the multiple band capability, in C-, X-, Ku-, and Ka-Band, supports varied communications requirements through just one antenna system. These multiple capabilities create financial and operational efficiency, a critical factor in the government arena.

“The U.S. government is looking for state-of-the art satellite technology that will ensure reliable communications wherever users are deployed,” said Keith Buckley, President and CEO of ASC Signal. “Working as we do with system integrator partners and prime contractors, we continue to see the need for these robust, high-performing antenna products to support critical defense applications. As we develop future antenna technology, including expanding our multi-band systems and designing increased mobility, we will continue to extend the availability of our commercial products to enhance warfighter communications.”