ASC Signal to supply largest quantity of terminals in its recent history.

Plano, TX, August 25, 2011 -- ASC Signal Corporation has been awarded a multi-million dollar sub-contract by L-3 Narda Satellite Networks (L-3 Narda), to provide more than 100, 3.9-meter, quad-band, fly-away antenna components and systems. The antenna systems will support high-frequency communications over commercial and government satellites. Under this contract, ASC will deliver the largest quantity of earth station systems for one program since the company’s inception. ASC Signal, formerly Andrew Satcom Group, was established in 2008 to deliver innovative engineering services for satellite Earth station, air traffic control and high frequency communications systems.

ASC Signal will provide precision-tracking antenna systems that operate in the C-, Ku-, Ka- and X-band frequencies. The 3.9-meter system is a transportable satellite communications antenna that operates over the Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) system in X- and Ka-band frequencies and commercial satellites in C-, X- and Ku-band frequencies. The system features a carbon fiber reflector, a motorized elevation-over-azimuth mount tracking and a quick swap feed change system. All of these capabilities provide a low-weight, motorized tracking antenna with extremely high stiffness and strong performance in heavy wind-load environments. The systems’ materials enable easy stow and deploy during operations and can be transported via its nine-piece case design.

U.S. Army Strategic Command (ARSTRAT) certification ensures that all WGS terminals, including the 3.9-meter antenna from ASC Signal when operated with terminals it has been certified with, conform to stringent performance and operational control requirements. This ASC Signal technology and its ability to meet strict government requirements reinforces the company’s engineering leadership in providing commercial innovation to government customers, ensuring reliability on every continent.

ASC Signal has developed innovative satellite antenna systems for more than 40 years, following its roots as Andrew Corporation. This large contract further establishes ASC Signal’s dedication to supporting the U.S. Government and its critical communications needs. ASC Signal has created earth station systems for major broadband providers around the world and has used its expertise to provide cost-effective, reliable broadband communications technology that supports war fighting missions.

“The U.S. Government is looking to deploy advanced satellite technology which can provide accurate and reliable communications without requiring multiple sets of equipment,” said Keith Buckley, President and CEO of ASC Signal. “The 3.9-meter antenna systems for L-3 Narda give the U.S. Government a robust, flexible commercial technology that can operate in four frequencies using the same terminal. We believe the large quantity of terminals for this program reinforces the critical role ASC Signal plays in efficiently supporting U.S. Government missions.”

Gene Kelly, President of L-3 Narda, said “This contract award is the culmination of many years of collaboration with ASC Signal to utilize their expertise in the design and manufacture of advanced antenna systems. We are proud to be partners with ASC Signal on this significant program.”

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