5HXIhmpa_hhpa100Renaissance Electronics Corporation/HXI is pleased to announce our lines of HMPA and HHPA Medium and High Power Amplifiers which cover the frequency range from 8 to 100 GHz. New models for 2010 include 28-32 GHz and 32-36 GHz units as well as several new designs in V-Band and W-Band. A wide variety of gain and bandwidth combinations are available to provide solutions for radar systems, communications systems and other applications. Variations of the amplifiers listed in the data sheet and totally new amplifier designs can also be provided, often without an NRE charge. Most models offer single bias operation with internal regulation and bias sequencing. MMIC technology is employed in every amplifier for high reliability and repeatability. The highest power units available make use of low loss waveguide power combiners.

Product Name:
Medium and High Power Amplifiers

Product Description:
HXI offers standard catalog and custom-designed high power amplifiers in the 8 to 100 GHz range for:
• Transmitters
• LO frequency amplification
• Power distribution

• Military and Commercial Radars
• Telecommunications and Data Links
• Test Equipment and Instrumentation
• Lab research projects

• High P1dB or PSAT
• Many gain and P1dB options available
• Custom designs, usually without an NRE charge
• Single bias operation, internal regulation and bias sequencing

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