NPR112_photo_mr__100MITEQ Inc. introduces Model AMFW-8F-17702130-150-P2-TC-WP, a very low noise, high dynamic range, temperature compensated, weatherproof Ka-band waveguide frontend operating at 17.7 to 21.3 GHz. Isolator protected at both the pressure sealed WR-42 waveguide input and K(F) connector output, the low-noise amplifier is lightweight with a small profile and footprint. This LNA includes reverse voltage, over current/temperature protection in addition to being fully sealed against the severest environmental conditions and direct exposure.

The AMFW-8F-17702130-150-P2-TC-WP has a typical noise temperature of 120 K°, with a maximum of 150 K°, and a minimum P1dB of 20 dBm. Output IP3 is 33 dBm minimum, with port VSWRs at a maximum of 1.3:1 and 1.5:1 respectively. Small-signal gain is 62 dB typical, flat to within 2 dB, 0.2 dB/40 MHz maximum ripple, less than 0.08 dB/°C gain variation and a total group delay variation of less than nsec over the full band. Current draw is 500 mA from a single +12 V. Operating temperature is -40 to +70°C case.

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