NPR101_photo_mr_m100MITEQ’s Model AMFW-6F-18102120-120 is part of a new line of low profile, lightweight, small volume, and high dynamic range Ka-band very low noise amplifiers.

The new SATCOM LNA family offers a unique combination of features and performance in an extremely small footprint. Total weight is approximately 125 grams maximum, has a pressurizable waveguide at the input, and package profile is 104 mm x 22 mm x 34.5 mm. The input conforms to WR42 and is available in grooved or flat flange. See Outline 165402 on our website for more details. Numerous models cover 18.10 to 21.5 GHz in various sub-bands of 1 GHz and wider, with P1dB of 10 to 23 dBm across the full band.

The AMFW-6F-18102120-120 has a typical noise temperature of 100 K° with a maximum of 120 K°. The LNA includes full internal regulation, as well as reverse voltage protection. Input and output VSWR is a maximum of 1.25:1 and 1.5:1 respectively. Small signal gain is 50 dB minimum, with a flatness of ±1 dB maximum. Maximum ripple is 0.4 dB/40 MHz within the entire band.

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