Cost-effective LTE fading simulator introduced by Anritsu Company. MF6900A is designed for use with MD8430A signaling tester and provides LTE terminal and chipset manufacturers with cost-efficient, accurate test solution.

Anritsu Company introduces the MF6900A fading simulator for use with its MD8430A Signaling Tester, which creates a single vendor solution for conducting simulation tests that have traditionally required more expensive, multi-vendor configurations. The integrated test solution allows developers and manufacturers of 3GPP LTE terminals and chipsets to perform highly accurate and repeatable 2x2 MIMO fading tests more efficiently.

When connected to a MD8430A Signaling Tester, the MF6900A emulates the operation of a 3GPP LTE base station in a 2x2 MIMO fading environment. It tests and verifies the handover operation by simulating fading when a mobile terminal (UE) switches its connection between two base station cells. The MD8430A/MF6900A can perform all the necessary intra-LTE handover tests. Utilizing Anritsu’s existing MD8480C UMTS/GSM Signaling Tester, inter-RAT handovers between LTE and UTRAN/GERAN can be made.

In addition to cutting test cost in half, the MD8430A/MF6900A configuration improves repeatability and accuracy. Conventional test configurations use RF cables to connect the fading simulators and base station simulator, which requires signal loss adjustments for each channel. The MD8430A/MF6900A processes signals in a digital baseband to generate fading simulations with high reproducibility.

About the MD8430A
The MD8430A is a multi-functional and cost-effective solution for manufacturers of LTE chipsets and mobile devices to evaluate their products. It is designed with four RF units that enable 2x2 MIMO system handover tests in a simulated network environment. End-to-end testing at downlink speeds up to 150 Mbps and uplink speeds up to 50 Mbps can be conducted by the MD8430A. Used in conjunction with Anritsu’s Rapid Test Designer (RTD) or Protocol Test System (PTS), the MD8430A becomes a powerful solution for operator acceptance requirements, complete protocol stack verification and 3GPP TS36.523 conformance testing.

The introduction of the MF6900A is the most recent product in Anritsu’s broad LTE test solution portfolio. Anritsu has been an active participant in the 3GPP standardization of LTE while also working closely with the major infrastructure, chipset and terminal developers. By taking this approach, Anritsu has developed market-leading LTE test solutions.

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