RO4360LaminatesThe Advanced Circuit Materials (ACM) Division of Rogers Corporation has introduced RO4360™ laminates, developed for the special requirements of high-frequency amplifier designers. RO4360 laminates feature a dielectric constant of 6.15 and loss of 0.003 at 2.5 GHz. The laminates are based on a ceramic-filled, thermoset resin system reinforced by glass fiber for excellent mechanical stability compared to PTFE woven glass.

RO4360 laminates provide the performance and reliability designers need in a lower total PCB cost solution. Building on the successful legacy of the company’s RO4350B™ laminate materials, the new product features low dissipation factor, generous power-handling capability, and improved thermal conductivity. Environmentally friendly RO4360 laminate materials are RoHS compliant and compatible with standard printed circuit board processing methods. The copper-clad laminates exhibit a high glass transition temperature (Tg) of greater than 280ºC and a low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) in the z-axis (30 PPM/ºC) needed for reliable plated through holes (PTHs) in multilayer circuits.

RO4360 laminates allow designers to reduce circuit dimensions in applications where size and cost are critical. They are the best value choice for engineers working on designs including power amplifiers, patch antennas, and other commercial high-frequency applications.

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