RogersDuraShape_100 Rogers Corporation has achieved another technical first with its product line of PORON® urethanes. This unique PORON material enhancement, the Dura-Shape™ option, is a layer of polyester sealed between two layers of PORON foam which will help fabricators produce highly accurate gaskets.

This new product is the solution that fabricators have been seeking in terms of improved die cutting for high performance gaskets and seals. The "sandwiched" polyester film adds increased dimensional stability to the foam which inhibits it from changing shape during processing.

This enhanced feature should allow for faster processing times. In addition to faster processing times, the increased dimensional stability and tougher tear strength of the PORON Dura-Shape option also enables more accurate die-cutting, thereby enhancing product reliability and longevity.

The PORON Dura-Shape option may be utilized in any current or new PORON application where increased stability and faster processing are required. This product is available in a wide range of formulations, densities and thickness combinations.

PORON high performance foams, made of fine celled polyurethane, are used in sealing and shock absorbing components in communication and computer equipment, appliances, medical devices and automotive applications. They are easy to fabricate, provide reliable temperature across a wide range of temperatures and provide excellent resistance to compression set.

For more information on the Dura-Shape option or other PORON products visit the company's web site. 

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