MG3700A_100First Test Solution for Next-Generation PHS Technology Introduced by Anritsu Company. New Software Packages for MS269xA and MG3700A Support Evaluation of extended Global Platform Downlink and Uplink Signal Characteristics.

Anritsu Company introduces the first test solutions that support next-generation PHS (XGP: eXtended Global Platform) to help ensure the successful rollout of XGP in the marketplace. Three software packages have been developed for use with Anritsu’s MS269xA Signal Analyzers and MG3700A Vector Signal Generator to offer designers and manufacturers of XGP mobile devices, base stations, and devices a test solution to ensure the performance of their products and speed time to market.

The MX269016A XG-PHS Measurement Software and the MX269909A XG-PHS IQproducer are for use with the MS269xA series, while the MX370109A XG-PHS IQproducer PC software is for the MG3700A. Installing the MX269016A in the MS269xA series supports evaluation of transmitter characteristics of next-generation PHS downlink and uplink signals. In addition, using the MX269909A supports creation of XGP-compliant waveform patterns that can be used with the optional vector signal generator to evaluate receiver characteristics.

The MX370109A PC application software creates next-generation PHS compliant waveform patterns that can be used with the MG3700A to evaluate the receiver characteristics of XGP mobile phone terminals, base stations and devices. One MG3700A can output both the wanted and interference waveforms required for evaluating receiver characteristics, offering a cost-effective measurement solution that eliminates the previous need for two signal generators.

About the MG3700A
With its 160 MHz high-speed arbitrary waveform baseband generator, wide vector modulation bandwidth, and large capacity ARB memory, the MG3700A has the performance to provide signal generation for new and emerging wireless communication systems. Equipped with two waveform memories that simultaneously produce data streams, the MG3700A generates real-world signals with multiple-source interference, AWGN, and other signal impairments. The MG3700A eliminates the need for a second signal generator when evaluating receiver characteristics.

Pricing is $5,792 for the MX370109A.

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