SystemControllerAR’s versatile RF test system controllers (signal routing switch matrices) coordinate multiple pieces of equipment in a single test setup alleviating the need for changing cable feeds due to frequency limitations of individual pieces. The SC1000’s can be used as RF switch matrices and can be controlled by SW888A and SW10006 software.

Designed for use of up to three signal generators, four power amplifiers, four directional couplers, four different RF loads, and a spectrum analyzer or receiver for broadband RF testing, the SC system controllers operate in a frequency range from DC to 40 GHz via RS-232, IEEE-488 and/or by manual control via the front panel.

System interlock capability is provided by sensing a switch closure. Additionally, a switchable positive 12 VDC signal and four open collector outputs are supplied to allow the use of external switches. Alternative applications include the use of the system controller to switch in various RF filters for reducing harmonic distortion.

For more information on system controllers, please refer to application #48 available in the downloads section of our website.

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