AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation is introducing a new Multi-tone RF Test System that reduces radiated immunity testing from days to hours. The Multi-tone system, model MT06000 (80 MHz to 6 GHz), includes all the necessary instruments to perform radiated immunity testing per IEC 61000-4-3 except the required amplifiers, antennas and directional couplers. Amplifiers are selected and sized based on your required field levels and testing needs.

The system mimics real world threats with the ability to expose EUT's to more than one frequency at a time. By testing multiple frequencies simultaneously, a user is able to maximize their efforts during dwell time to increase testing speed. The AR Multi-Star is capable of testing up to 10 frequencies at once, making it possible to conduct RF immunity testing 10 times faster than previously possible. Faster testing reduces costs and helps get products to market quicker. The number of tones that can be tested simultaneously is limited only by the signal generator bandwidth (150 MHz) and the size of the amplifier.

The multi-tone software includes automated routines for field calibration and maximizing the test speed, while still maintaining the linearity and harmonic requirements of the standard. In the event of an EUT failure, thresholding or margin investigation and traditional signal tone testing can be performed.

The MT06000 is available as a self-contained system or can be integrated with amplifiers and accessories into an automated test system.

To learn more about AR's approach to multi-tone testing, visit AR's website ( and read Application Note #61 – "Multi-tone Testing Can Save Both Time and Money."

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