We have complete test systems "on the shelf" that perform entire tests with just the press of a few buttons. Everything you need – amplifiers, antennas, couplers, signal generators, system controllers, receivers, and more, along with the software to control it – all in one comprehensive test system.

AR can also put together a customized system to solve your test problems, with the power and frequency you need – from 10 kHz - 45 GHz. You can start with just a few essential components, then build a system around them and go as far as you want to go.

ARCells test cells bridge the gap between size-limited TEM (transverse electromagnetic) cells and expensive anechoic chambers for making pre-compliance radiated immunity and radiated emissions measurements on large objects. These test cells help you guard against remedial design, speed time to market and get to the test house ready for certification. The unique design of the free-space system fits easily into small areas, allowing the cell to be constructed within a few inches from existing walls or ceiling. It's built from the inside-out, so it conforms to its environment. And it can be easily moved to a new location whenever necessary.

ARCells are packaged into systems that include everything you need to Precompliance test to major radiated and conducted immunity specifications and emission standards.