XGtd is a general purpose ray-based electromagnetic analysis tool suitable for high frequency radiation, antenna, and EMC applications. XGtd combines GTD, UTD, and Surface Rays to include all important diffraction mechanisms present in high frequency analysis of devices in the vicinity of complicated objects. The software is aimed toward the analysis of antennas on vehicles or aircraft, but is also suitable for anechoic chamber simulations. The powerful, user-friendly GUI is an efficient tool for importing CAD files of complex objects, setting up calculation parameters, running calculations, and viewing output. Antenna patterns generated by our full wave solver, XFdtd , or from NSMA can be imported into XGtd. Output from the calculation engine includes near-zone fields, far-zone antenna patterns and antenna coupling and interference measures. Display of the possible ray paths, color-coded to indicate signal strength, is possible in addition to planar field displays of field strength. If your application is too large for a full wave solver think first of XGtd.