ANAHEIM, Calif., OFC/NFOEC, Booth No. 2721, March 26, 2007 -- Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today demonstrated its latest lightwave component analyzer (LCA), the industry's first to test components at an 850 nm target wavelength. The Agilent N4376B LCA sets a new benchmark in optimized frequency-response characterization of key photonic components. Designed for testing 10 GbE and Fibre Channel components in high-speed telecommunications and computer networks, this LCA offers industry-leading versatility, measurement speed and reliability. The LCA reduces test cost and speeds development to meet today's challenges in LAN/SAN, extending down to high-speed inter-chip connections and optical backplanes. With the new Agilent N4376B LCA, manufacturing, support and R&D engineers can improve production yield and throughput thanks to minimal measurement uncertainty and results that are traceable to international standards -- which Agilent guarantees. Testing multimode components at the target wavelength of 850 nm with multimode conditions allows optimizing the design of short reach components, because there is no added uncertainty from extrapolating measurement results at other wavelengths to the 850 nm target wavelength. This LCA extends Agilent's portfolio with traceable opto-electrical converters at 850 nm with well-defined multimode launch conditions and modulation rates up to 20 GHz. A single product solution provides analysis for all network component categories (E/O, O/E and O/O), including laser drivers, amplifiers, lasers, transmitters, optical modulators, photodiodes and passive optical components. The linear-transmission and reflection-characteristics measurements are based on Agilent's industry-leading network analyzers, providing full S-parameter analysis with calibration all the way down to the probing pins. Investment protection is available as a cost-effective upgrade from an existing Agilent N4373A LCA or a performance network analyzer. "The Agilent N4376B LCA is a turn-key test solution that, with its unprecedented measurement capabilities at 850 nm, helps to realize the economics and acceleration of the broadband infrastructure build-out at low cost," said Alois Hauk, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Photonic and Network Test Division. "Being the market's first and unique test solution, the new lightwave component analyzer enables high-performance network component manufacturers to focus on fast, innovative product development and cost-effective production." U.S. Pricing and Availability The Agilent N4376B Lightwave Component Analyzer will be available in June 2007 at a starting price of $170,000. More information about the Agilent N4376B is available at Photos of the product are available at