e2v has announced that STACK International, the consortium of defence and aerospace peers committed to sharing experience, market intelligence, emerging initiatives and best practice, has certified the company’s hi-rel semiconductor products and services to STACK Specification S/0001.

STACK certification was achieved following an extensive independent audit conducted by member companies and demonstrates e2v's commitment to delivering high reliability semiconductor products, with extended lifecycle, to the aerospace and defence marketplace.

“e2v is very proud to join the select group of companies certified to STACK Specification S/0001”, said Laurent Monge, Head of Engineering for e2v’s high reliability semiconductor solutions, adding, “Our comprehensive suite of quality processes and certifications is key to our proactive strategy, under our SliM programme, of ensuring the long-term supply of semiconductor products and services to the global aerospace and defence industry”.

Zia Fatherazi, Managing Director, STACK International commented, “Qualification to STACK Specification S/0001 is a tough process designed to ensure that the mark is one of assured quality for aerospace and defence companies and it is a great achievement for e2v to secure it”.

STACK certification also adds to e2v’s existing ISO 9001, AS 9100, European Space Components Coordination (ESCC) standards for European Space Agency (ESA) projects and QML Certifications for compliance with the US Department of Defense MIL-PRF-38535 performance specification.