Nuhertz Technologies has introduced a new feature, an electromagnetic co-simulation technique, in its design software program, FilterSolutions®2011. The technique was introduced at the “Simulation and Surrogate Driven Microwave Design Technology” workshop at IMS 2011 in Baltimore, MD.

The Nuhertz software creates synthesized designs of filters. The newly presented co-simulation technique was created in cooperation with Sonnet Software and AWR.

With the use of the new Co-calibrated™ Internal Ports now available in Sonnet Software’s EM simulators, it is now possible to quickly electromagnetically tune and optimize synthesized filter designs. The EM optimized results may be exported to other analysis software (Sonnet, AWR, etc.), or saved in a DXF file for importation into AutoCad or other software.

The co-simulation technique is currently validated for the design of Hairpin and Interdigital filters in microstrip, stripline and suspended substrate configurations. FilterSolutions, a program developed by Nuhertz Technologies in 1999, continues to be the flagship development platform for industry leading filter design technology.