Hittite Microwave Corp. has introduced a new high speed analog-to-digital converter (ADC) product line that exhibits ultra-low power dissipation and high cost efficiency while maintaining high performance.

The HMCAD1520, HMCAD1511 and HMCAD1510 are multi-mode ADCs with integrated crosspoint switches (Mux Array). HMCAD1520 offers 12-bit resolution up to 640 MSPS in high speed mode, and 14-bits up to 105 MSPS in precision mode. The HMCAD1520 is ideal for communication applications, including diversity receivers and digital pre-distortion loops, as well as test & measurement applications such as spectrum analyzers and precision oscilloscopes. The HMCAD1510 and HMCAD1511 offer 8-bit resolution up to 500 and 1000 MSPS respectively, which enables significant power savings and unique functionality in test & measurement applications such as digital oscilloscopes. HMCAD1511 is also an excellent choice for satellite receivers. The HMCAD1520 can be combined with HMC960LPE DC to 100 MHz dual DVGA and the HMC900LP5E 50 MHz dual baseband low pass filter to provide a complete direct conversion line-up. HMCAD1520, HMCAD1511 and HMCAD1510 offer an integrated clock divider that provides a flexible and easy to implement clock path without sacrificing performance.

The HMCAD1060 is a versatile, Quad 14-bit ADC running up to 105 MSPS with optional power saving modes. The different reduced power dissipation modes can be selected during operation to trade off power dissipation against accuracy. Low switching times between the modes enables the system to continuously keep power dissipation and performance at optimum levels. This makes the HMCAD1060 ideal for communication applications such as certain types of low power software-defined radios and diversity receivers where low power dissipation is a critical parameter.

The HMCAD1102, HMCAD1101 and HMCAD1100 are Octal 12- and 13-bit ADCs that operate up to 80 MSPS and are ideal for medical ultrasound and non-destructive testing. The HMCAD1102 is the only discrete Octal 12-bit ADC offering an 80 MSPS sample rate, and is an excellent choice in diversity base band receivers.

The dual HMCAD1050-40/80 and single HMCAD1051-40/80 are 13-bit ADCs, while the dual HMCAD1040-40/80 and single HMCAD1041-40/80 are 10-bit ADCs operating up to 80 MSPS. These ADCs offer the industry’s best SNR performance for the lowest power consumption. These ADCs are ideal choices in power critical applications requiring 10- to 13-bit analog-to-digital conversion at input frequencies up to 50 MHz.

Hittite Microwave Corp.,
Chelmsford, MA