Wideband Analog Phase Shifters Cover 2 to 24 GHz

Hittite has developed five new wideband analog phase shifters that are designed to deliver superior performance and innovative features, all within a miniature surface-mount package. These phase shifters—HMC928LP5E, HMC929LP4E, HMC931LP4E, HMC932LP4E and HMC933LP4E—are appropriate for radar systems, satellite communications, EW receivers, amplifier linearization applications and beamforming modules from 2...
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Monolithic Solution for Class A Amplifier Biasing: Hittite Active Bias Controller

Commercially available RF, microwave and optical driver amplifiers provide their best performance under specific bias conditions. The quiescent current of such amplifiers affects critical performance parameters such as efficiency, inter-modulation distortion products and noise figure. Therefore, it is crucial to bias these amplifiers accurately for best performance. Some amplifier...
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