As DesignArt Networks is introducing its ground-breaking 40 nm DAN3000 SoC family, with the launch of five distinct SoC chips, the company announced a ground breaking advance in mobile backhaul technology – the DAN3200.

The lack of flexible, low-cost, high-capacity backhaul for the evolving heterogeneous 3G/4G network has been the elephant in the room for a while now. Without it, there is little business case for operators to systematically deploy dense layers of small cells for mobile data capacity.

The DAN3200, in conjunction with DesignArt Networks’ Unified Mobile Backhaul software pack, definitively answers operators’ requests for flexible, low-cost, easy to install, multi-gigabit wireless mobile backhaul. In a single integrated hardware and software platform, the DAN3200 enables high-capacity line-of-sight (LOS) backhaul applications using long-haul microwave or short-haul E-band spectrum assets, and high-capacity non-LOS (NLOS) wireless backhaul in licensed and unlicensed sub-6 GHz spectrum – as well as any combination thereof.

“The DAN3200 provides a single-chip, full-duplex gigabit+ backhaul pipeline in any spectrum. It takes advantage of the unmatched performance and programmability of our hardware assisted DSP baseband technology, ideal for high-capacity point-to-point (PtP) and point-to-multipoint (PtMP) backhaul applications,” said Oz Barak, CEO of DesignArt Networks. “The full SW programmability of the DAN3200 allows system vendors to offer a single Unified Mobile Backhaul software solution for all spectrum bands – for sub-6 GHz, as well as for 6 to 42 GHz Microwave and E-band spectrum – based on a single cost-effective R&D platform.”

“Exploding mobile data drives increased use of heterogeneous 3G/4G networks, with small cell configurations, creating an opportunity for differentiation in the backhaul market,” said Emmy Johnson, Founder and Principal Analyst of Sky Light Research. “The DAN3200 from DesignArt delivers a unified mobile backhaul solution that can utilize a combination of spectrum assets. The flexibility of the DAN3200 SoC meets the challenging operator requirements for backhauling small cells, while also meeting the requirements for larger, macro cells. With microwave backhaul equipment pushing past $3 B annually, at a projected average growth rate of 30 plus percent, the ability to target traditional and small cell backhaul markets effectively is a strategic factor for success.”